Nick Siciliano salvages his predestined fine art pieces in a variety of environments from all over the world. The wood speaks to him in certain ways regarding its life from a vertical past all the way to it’s regards to it’s future.

With each custom wood creation being an individual effort by Nick, there is an enduring process that he must go through from sanding, to staining to presentation. Indeed it may be a timely process, but to Nick it is quite a rewarding one. He has been working with his hands his whole life from Architectural Design in New York to Project Managing in Alaska. Nick has traveled the world in efforts to reclaim this luxurious lumber and transform each piece into a custom creation.

All of these pieces, although seemingly individual, are related by the passion that Nick has devoted to each one as though it was a mural sized relief painting from the Renaissance. He invites art collectors and enthusiasts from all over to enjoy his passions.