Meet Nick

Nick, a very diversified tradesman, has worked in many different fields ranging from auto mechanic to general contractor. While preforming all of these different occupations he has always had a passion for art whether it was sketching or creating something from nothing.

While on a job cutting up a tree that had fallen in a storm, someone asked him how old the tree was. He could not answer but also could not get it out of his head that this massive tree had probably lived longer than 3 of his family’s generations. This unbelievable tree was going to end up as wood chips or mulch and he could not let this be! So Nick took a chainsaw to the massive tree and started to trim it into slabs of wood not knowing why or what he was going to do with them, but he was convinced that one day, he would.

It all started as a hobby and a feeling. Now people are intrigued to see what will be created next out of a simple slab of wood. Nick makes all types of custom furniture and sculptures. If you tell him what you want and where you would like it to go, he will create your very custom piece.

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Let Nick create the perfect piece of art for any space!
Feel free to come and join Nick to design your own custom piece or discuss one that he can design for you.